What is a Private Blog Network?

A Private Blog Network is a set of websites (not just blogs as the name suggests) that can be used to push SEO linking power to a common website that needs an SEO push in Google. The sites have to be constructed in such a way as not to leave any “footprint” that Google’s spam algorithm can detect and put any site into a “manual review” by Google’s spam team. If a manual review does occur, the PBN needs to be of high standards and look real so it can pass the manual review, without looking like a site built solely for the purposes of ranking one or more other sites.

Are PBNs effective for SEO?

Private Blog Networks are the fastest way to rank websites today. They can be used to rank sites in any niche, and Google cannot do much about it. When you have your own PBN you can link out from them at will and push a lot of link juice and ranking power to any of your main sites. However, you need to make sure you dont leave any clear visible footprint that exposes your entire PBN to Google. The search engineers at Google are certainly not happy with the fact that PBNs are so powerful in moving sites up the rankings!

How can a PBN help my SEO?

With a PBN in your total control, you will have full control in the way you structure your backlinks and anchors to your main sites. You can fix Google algorithmic and other Penalties with PBNs by building healthy link profiles with plenty of diversity. You can use PBNs to extend your Tier 1 network of direct links, and then pad your Tier 2 links that are of lesser quality by larger numbers.

Can I build my PBN on my own?

Sure, you certainly can, but if you’re not experienced its dangerous – since you wouldn’t know the intricacies that go into avoiding a Google detection. Building out an effective PBN is also very time consuming and takes a ton of practice. You need to understand high level concepts that go into building out a safe and effective PBN. One wrong move and you could leave your entire PBN compromised to be detected by Google. Also, finding and identifying powerful domains that will help your site rank is no easy task. This is in-fact the most critical first step. Building a PBN on weak domains, will not push the needle for you.

How Does The Process Work once I place my order?

The delviery time for each order depends of the quantity of PBNs you order. The average time to deliver each PBN is around 3 days. If you order 10 PBNs, then your order will be completed in 30 days. If you order more than 10 sites, we will deliver approximately 3 sites per week to you. The first PBN is always delivered after around 7 to 8 days.
We will make sure to drip in the links to your money site in a natural manner. not when they get created.

How do I get regular updates for my order?

You get Regular Status Updates via Your Private Custom Dashboard. This includes…

– Initial Order Confirmation Email
– Project Setup Access
– Weekly Status Email Update
​- Website Login Email on Site Delivery and Live
– 24 Hour Response to any Questions

What Premium Services Your Sites are Hosted On?

All your websites are hosted on Premium Hosting Services, some of which are listed below. These are reliable shared hosting plans. Your up-time is reliable and you get as natural looking a site as possible. By being on a shared hosting plan, your IP is shared by 1000s of other high qualtiy sites and that avoids any footprint. Each of your sites will be on a unique host (not just a unique C class IP)

Feeling Adventurous? Want To Build the PBN Yourself?

Sure, you can build a PBN inhouse if you wanted to – but its risky. This is something best left for the experts. So, our advice is – DON’T try this at home! (or at the office).

If you’re feeling adventurous – we’ve written a guide to help you get started. But, be warned that it would require a lot of effort and spending ton of money on the right tools. And, its RISKY when done without finesse.

Real SEO experts are Magicians. They’ll show you the trick and mesmerize you with top rankings – but they NEVER reveal how the trick actually works.

If you’re still curious, here’s some of the basic challenges you’d have to face if you were to build a PBN yourself. Go ahead – click on the numbers…

All good PBN sites have powerful domain metrics behind them. Finding an aged domain with good seo metrics, that is super-specific to your niche is what drives ranking power.

Taking your set of potential domains and weeding out the bad ones, is tedious and tiring. Ensuring the domains you pick are clear of spammy history is no easy task. You’ll need a good eye to spot the gems which only comes with practice and experience.

If you wanted, you could buy domains in your niche with real power and each domain could set you back over $100 to $200.

You need to register the new domain with the right information and data so as not to leave any footprints.

You need to buy premium hosting for each domain and on separate servers (this can cost as much as $15 per account per month).

Hire a VA or a developer to build out your site and design it so it looks top notch and passes a manual review. They’d have to first learn what factors need to be addressed and taken care of.

Spend money on premium themes and plugins and learn how to customize how Google sees your site, and how to block it from the prying eyes of competitors.

Teach your VA or staff the intricacies of footprints and how to avoid them, and then hope they wont leave a hole while they are managing and updating your site.

Hire a content writer to create compelling content, media embeds and ensuring the internal linking is done to maximize the SEO power to your money site.

Manage all aspects of your PBN including hosting IPs, drip content, outbound links, social profiles, anchors, yada yada yada.

And this is just the beginning. There’s a ton of detail that goes into all of this, and you can read about it in our detailed guide that you may download.

One wrong move and your entire PBN (not just one site) can get deindexed by Google, nullifying your entire investment.


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